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Chang Gung University Liaises with Compal Electronics on Innovative Projects


Chang Gung University Liaises with Compal Electronics on Innovative Projects

The ageing of population is becoming a global phenomenon and bringing about several issues in health care. In particular, the skyrocketing expenses on health care have undermined the financial well-being of many nations. Only when people can live healthily, age gracefully, suffer less during illness, and die peacefully can we take the strain off the healthcare system. Using wearable technology to monitor an individual’s health condition may offer a solution. It is a new line of technology that many developed countries have been investing in and working on.

There are already a few products available that are using wearable technology. However, most of these products only have the function of monitoring, which leaves much more to be explored, in particular the application of wearable technology to health care. To respond to such a need, the College of Engineering of Chang Gung University and Compal Electronics held a press conference on the 24th of June at the headquarters of Compal Electronics and announced the joint establishment of the Research and Development Center for Health Care Technology. CGU President Prof. Pao and Compal Electronics’ General Manager Mr. Chen signed a memorandum of cooperation and expected this center would develop relevant products to increase the quality of health care and the welfare of our citizens.

The first two products that the center will be working on are smart shirts and a healthcare cloud service. Various sensors are embedded in smart shirts to provide day-and-night monitoring of the wearer’s heart rate, respiration, temperature, perspiration, and posture. Alerts will be immediately sent to the wearer if vital changes are detected by the smart shirt. The smart shirt collects data seamlessly and automatically transmits these data to the cloud via a smart phone app. The smart shirt is equipped with an alert feature that can process historical data to predict long-term trends, and send warnings immediately to a patient's doctor whenever medical parameters require attention. These data will be valuable to researchers in determining more physiological indicators, which in turn may help people to live healthily, to age gracefully, and to suffer less during illness.

Chang Gung University and Compal Electronics hope that more enterprises, researchers, and doctors will join us in this center. We will develop more advanced products using wearable technology to benefit the healthcare system. We also expect that our personalized and preventive healthcare technology will be able to take a leading role in the global industry.

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