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2014 CGU Graduation Ceremony


2014 CGU Graduation Ceremony

The 2014 CGU graduation ceremony was held at 2:00pm on the 7th of June in the Students’ Activity Center. President Prof. Pao and faculties from various departments walked with the graduates around the campus to reminisce about the days of studying and living in CGU. All the scenic spots on campus and educational buildings were packed with the graduates’ nostalgic memories. Along the way, many teachers and students bid farewell to the graduates, giving them the best wishes for their future. With these warm wishes, the graduates are now ready to spread their wings and fly towards their bright future.

The ceremony was hosted by President Prof. Pao. Distinguished guests including the Chairperson of the Board Prof. Ding-Yi Yang, Director of the Board Mr. Chen-Ching Fu, President of Ming Chi University of Technology Prof. Thu-Hua Liu, President of the Chang Gung University Alumni Association Dr. Li-Ang Li, and Legislator Ms Bi-Han Chen were present to give their heartfelt congratulations and present awards to the graduates. There were 1,729 graduates this year, including 63 receiving doctorate, 639 receiving master’s degree, and 1,027 receiving bachelor degree. During the ceremony, Prof. Pao congratulated the graduates on the successful completion of their studies. He also encouraged the graduates to always bear in mind the following virtues: be appreciative, treasure blessings, and make useful contributions to society. He also stressed the importance of lifelong learning and modesty. He expected the graduates to realize their full potential and make worthwhile contributions to society.

Chairperson of the Board Prof. Ding-Yi Yang encouraged the graduates to embrace the philosophy of “no fear and no regret” as the core value in life. A person with courage has no fear and is able to face problems and challenges in life with a positive light. There is no regret if one works hard and relinquishes the attachment to success. Representative of the graduates’ parents Mr. Bang-Quan Cao also expressed his gratitude to CGU for providing quality education for students. At the end of the ceremony, everyone heartily sang “Transition”, a song written and composed by students. After the ceremony, each college threw a farewell party for the graduates. They reminisced about their wonderful memories in CGU and shared their dream for future with each other. Teachers, graduates, and their family took photographs together on campus to capture and preserve the memories of life in CGU before they bid farewell to each other.

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