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Press Conference and Signing Ceremony for the Memorandum of Understanding between the College of Engineering of Chang Gung University and National Instruments Corporation


Press Conference and Signing Ceremony for the Memorandum of Understanding between the College of Engineering of Chang Gung University and National Instruments Corporation

On the 1st of September, a ceremony took place to commemorate the official signing and opening of the newly established joint laboratory between Chang Gung University’s College of Engineering and National Instruments Corporation. It was then followed by a press conference on the 6th floor of the College of Engineering. At the beginning of the ceremony, CGU President Prof. Chia-Chu Pao and the Dean of the Engineering College Prof. Chao-Sung Lai respectively delivered their speeches on CGU’s teaching, research, and liaison with industry. Then the acting general manager of Taiwan’s National Instruments office Mr. Shou-Xin Zhang elaborated on the academic collaboration and prospect between both sides. Next, Prof. Hao-Li Liu, the head of the Department of Electrical Engineering, talked about how the joint laboratory was established as well as the future objectives. To conclude the ceremony, Prof. Pao, Prof. Lai, and Mr. Zhang signed a memorandum of understanding and hosted the ensuing celebrations.

Several distinguished guests also attended the ceremony, including Prof. Daniel Tsun-Yee Chiu, the dean of the Office of Research and Development, Prof. Chih-Wei Yang, the dean of the College of Medicine, Prof. Kuang-Hung Hsu, the director of the Office of Technology Development and Industry Liaison, Mr. Yi-Ho Chen, the secretary general of the Office of Secretariat, Prof. Hao-Li Liu, the head of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Prof. Wen-Piao Lin, Prof. Yung-An Kao, Prof. Wen-Yen Lin, Prof. Meng-Tsan Tsai, and Prof. Cheng-Kuang Lee, together with National Instruments’ marketing manager Mr. Huang-Zhi Guo, Mr. De-Zheng Qiu, Miss Ru-Lan Huang, and Miss Yi-Zhen Cai. It is hoped that the joint laboratory will help train future talents in the fields of ultrasonic and optoelectronics. Both sides also hope that the joint laboratory will help coordinate future university-industry liaisons, and ultimately bridge the gap between university education and required knowledge and skills in the workplace.

The electro-optical industry covers a wide range of fields, including optical elements, display panels, image sensors, optical inputs, optical storage, solar cells, solid state lighting, illumination sources, optical communication, and biophotonics, etc. It is estimated that the total value of production in the global electro-optical industry in 2011 was approximately USD$400 billion dollars, to which Taiwan contributed about 17% (USD$65 billion dollars). This figure has placed Taiwan in the leading position in the electro-optical industry, despite the fact that Taiwan only has 0.35% of the world’s population. Among the electro-optical technologies, medical ultrasound is considered one of the most advanced biomedical electronics instruments. It was included by the Executive Yuan as one of Taiwan’s three most potential advanced medical instruments in 2010. At the moment, the research and development of advanced electro-optical technology is carried out by the Graduate Institute of Electro-Optical Engineering and the Green Technology Research Center in Chang Gung University. The Center for Biomedical Engineering and other relevant graduate institutes take charge of the research and development in biomedical electronics and biophotonics. What is still required is a laboratory to train undergraduate students to acquire necessary knowledge and skills in biomedical electronics and optoelectronics.

In support of the Industrial Fundamental Technology Project supervised by the Ministry of Education to facilitate the training of fundamental technologists, the Department of Electrical Engineering of Chang Gung University collaborated with National Instruments to establish the Joint Laboratory of Industrial Ultrasound and Biophotonics Education. This laboratory is expected to coordinate resources to cultivate teaching and research personnel in ultrasound, biophotonics, medical electronics, green energy, and optical communication. National Instruments will sponsor the Department of Electrical Engineering by supplying relevant facilities and equipment through this academic cooperation platform. In addition, it will also provide relevant teaching and personnel resources to assist the joint laboratory with the cultivation of research talents. With the advanced facilities and equipment supplied by National Instrument, it is expected that CGU’s research and development capacity is relevant fields will be elevated.

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