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The 2016 Multicultural Evening and the Windmill Festival


The 2016 Multicultural Evening and the Windmill Festival

To celebrate the 29th anniversary of Chang Gung University, the Office of Student Affairs organized the 2016 Multicultural Evening and held the Windmill Festival in April. This added a lot of joy to the Chang Gung campus as well as increases inter-cultural understanding.

Internationalization has been one of Chang Gung University’s important characteristics. The 2016 Multicultural Evening, which was co-organized by the Division of Extracurricular activities and the Overseas Chinese Student Association, took place on the 14th of April. Fifteen students from the preparatory programs for overseas Chinese students of National Taiwan Normal University and nearly two hundred international students of Chang Gung University were invited. They played games and participated in performances. They interacted with each other and shared their cultures through singing and dancing. Prof. Sy-Ming Guu, Dean of the College of Management, was present at the venue in person. He encouraged international students to study hard. The activities were led by Yu-De Lin (a junior student from the Department of Biomedical Sciences) and Ya-Tong Liu (a sophomore student from the Department of Medicine) in a humorous way. They introduced to the audience different customs of India, U.S., Canada and Asia and gave them an in-depth understanding of foreign cultures. At the end of the activities, the hosts led six student representatives from different countries to play games and share their experience with each other. The representative of Taiwan is Hao-Yang Chen, a sophomore student from the Department of Electrical Engineering. He shared his experience of getting to know Yi-Yang Su from Malaysia, Ren from india and Lien-vy from Vietnam. There was so much fun, and it made learning Chinese more interesting to international students. It also gave local students an opportunity to appreciate talents and diverse cultures of international students.

In addition, April is a month of sunshine and breeze. The CGU Student Association particularly took this opportunity to organize the unique “Windmill Festival”. For three weeks in a row from the 18th of April to the 6th of May, a sea of beautiful and colorful windmills turned with breezes on the green lawn of the founder’s memorial park. It left students and faculties with fond memories.
Other related activities are as follows.

From the 25th of April (Monday) to the 28th of April (Thursday), the Cultural & Creative Handmade Marketplace in the name of “Rotating Windmill” invited cultural and creative handmade groups to the school to set up stalls. Students showcased their environmentally conscious and creative ideas to produce a limited number of canvas bags. This allows students and teachers to be able to appreciate the creativity and entrepreneurship of the young people.

From the 26th of April (Tuesday) to the 27th of April (Wednesday), a group of students formed their teams to participate in the bubble football game. They wore cute bubble football uniforms and played hard on the football field. This activity was to test the tem synergy of each team. It was a lot of fun to see players in lovely bubble football uniforms. This added joy and laughter to the Windmill Festival.

On Thursday the 28th of April, the Windmill Music Festival took place. We invited an independent band Astro Bunny and CGU student bands to perform on the Red Brick Plaza next to the founder’s memorial park. The CGU Student Association invited food vendors to set up stalls and distributed small windmills and picnic mats to allow CGU students and faculties to enjoy a picnic on the summer night. Soothing breezes accompanied by relaxing music draws a perfect conclusion for the Windmill Festival this year.

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