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CGU Held the Biotech and Smart Medical Technical Seminar

CGU Held the Biotech and Smart Medical Technical Seminar

Office of Technology Development and Industry Liaison

Chang Gung University and the Photonics Industry and Technology Development Association (PIDA) co-held the Biotech and Smart Medical Technical Seminar on Wednesday, the 30th of November. Distinguished guests including Prof. Ching-Shiun Chen, director of the Center for Industry Sponsored Research and Collaborations, and Executive Assistant Ying-Yi Lin of the PIDA were invited to deliver the opening remarks and the keynote speech respectively. In addition, Dr. Chang-Cai Zhang, Chairman of Taoyuan Aerotropolis, gave an introductory talk on the topic “The Plan and Development of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology of Taoyuan Aerotropolis and its Impact on Taiwan’s Economy “. Several speakers including Prof. Chien-Lung Hsu, Associate Prof. Chung-Chih Lin, Associate Prof. I-Chyn Wey, Associate Prof. Po-Hsiang Tsui (speakers above from CGU), Prof. Su-Er Guo of Chang Gung University of Science and Technology, Assistant Prof. Yu-Sheng Hsiao of Ming Chi University of Technology, Prof. Guo-Bin Jung of Yuan Ze University, Prof. Cheng-Yuan Chang of Chung Yuan Christian University, Prof. Jin-Cheng Hsu of Fu Jen Catholic University, and Prof. Chi-Chang Huang of National Taiwan Sport University also shared with the audience their research findings. Three main areas of topic were covered in the seminar.

● Biomedical Technology and Smart Health Care

Associate Prof. Po-Hsiang Tsui of Chang Gung University delivered a speech on Ultrasound Characterization of Liver Disease. Testing instruments, after being minimized in size, become more mobile and applicable to a wide variety of situations and settings, such as primary health care, remote areas, and emergency medical treatment. Prof. Guo-Bin Jung of Yuan Ze University talked about how the PEM water electrolysis technology can be used in disease treatment. He explained how the water electrolysis technology produces ozone, and how it can be applied to medical device sterilization, which can solve the problem of inadequate sterilization commonly found nowadays in dialysis machines. Prof. Jin-Cheng Hsu of Fu Jen Catholic University shared with the audience the research and development of color blind glasses. Assistant Prof. Yu-Sheng Hsiao of Ming Chi University of Technology talked about using an integrated conducting polymer-based Bio-electronic platform for circulating tumor cells isolation, collection and label-free detection. By using the unique characteristics of bio-electronic materials and cell biochips, capture and detection of circulating tumor cells have become possible. It is hopeful that medical testing and diagnosis can become simpler and more precise and accurate.

● Smart Living Technology

Prof. Cheng-Yuan Chang of Chung Yuan Christian University spoke about active noise and vibration control applications. Anti-noise technology can successfully help reduce noise in daily life. Once applied to home appliances, our life could become quieter and more comfortable. Prof. Chi-Chang Huang of National Taiwan Sport University touched upon lactic acid bacteria and plant protein applied to the exercise performance. As many Taiwan are becoming more health conscience, they spend more time on exercise, and the demand for health supplements has been steadily increasing. The findings of Prof. Huang’s research could help consumers choose health food best suitable to them.

● IOT-based healthcare technology

Prof. Chien-Lung Hsu of Chang Gung University brought to the audience the IOT-based intelligent healthcare/medicine service. A similar topic was CGU Associate Prof. Chung-Chih Lin’s application of wearable devices in medical and health services. These wearable devices can help track bio-signals and automatically transmits these data to the cloud for big data analysis. These data could provide significant information for healthcare services. Two other speakers also addressed the application of wearable technology to daily life, including CGU Associate Prof. I-Chyn Wey’s wearable life characteristics of the chip and signal processing experience sharing, and CGUST Prof. Su-Er Guo’s application of health care APP. It is foreseeable that the IOT-based healthcare technology could be very helpful to seniors. Potentially lucrative business opportunities could also be found in the IOT-based healthcare technology.

This seminar provided a wonderful platform for university-industry liaisons. Eight universities in the vicinity found new opportunities to cooperate with manufacturers as well as to boost cross-disciplinary collaborations among universities. It is hoped that a platform for product manufacturing, marketing, and selling can thus be created.

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