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The Most Complete Reliability Engineering Education in Asia! CGU “Center for Reliability Science and Technologies” Grand Opening!

The Most Complete Reliability Engineering Education in Asia! CGU “Center for Reliability Science and Technologies” Grand Opening!

Centre for Reliability Sciences and Technologies

Chang Gung University held its grand opening ceremony for the “Center for Reliability Science and Technologies” on February 17th. Guest speakers including the world renowned reliability science scholar Prof. Michael Pecht of the University of Maryland stood alongside Prof. Chia-Chu Pao, President of Chang Gung University to celebrate this moment. Many distinguished guests were invited to participate in the opening ceremony: Prof. Jan-Kan Chen, Vice President of Chang Gung University, Prof. Thu-Hua Liu, President of Ming-Chi University of Technology, Prof. Jin-Wei Liang, Dean of the College of Engineering of Ming-Chi University of Technology, professors and heads in charge of the various engineering departments and graduate institutes of Chang Gung University, along with giants of the technology industry - to name a few: Intel, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Lite-On Semiconductor Corp, Macroblock, Infineon Technologies, Ma-tek, Electronics Testing Center of Taiwan, Chinese Society for Quality, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Gogoro, Formosa Plastics Group, Richtek Technology, Poworld Electronics, Samwell, Waveteck Microelectronics Corporation, Keystone Microtech, V-Tek Corporation, King Design Industrial, Cadmen Taiwan Auto-Design Corporation, Tektronix, Aubotech, CornerStone Application Technology, Sun Tech Corporation. Chairmen and members of upper management of over 30 companies, reaching over 100 highly intelligent and successful individuals graced the ceremony with their presence, making the opening tea ceremony both lively and magnificent.

Director Cher-Ming Tan is a world-known reliability engineer. He’s also the former chairman of the Singapore Reliability Engineer Certification Program and a current member of the Singapore Quality Institute. However, the scope of his experience expands much further than a simple job title. Two years ago, he accepted the invitation extended by Chang Gung University to come to Taiwan in order to establish the first specialized product reliability technology program in Asia. Serving top-of-the-line education for both undergraduate and graduate students is only one of the many benefits of the Center for Reliability Science and Technologies. With its newly constructed professional laboratory, the facility has plans to launch industrial service platform, to offer third-party reliability assessment, and to provide reliability testing and analysis services for small and medium enterprises. Under Director Cher-Ming Tan’s guidance, it has already had stellar performance prior to its opening. During its planning phase to establish the most complete reliability engineering courses in Asia, it finalized academic cooperation ties with National University of Singapore and Singapore University of Technology and Design. In addition, it managed to publish nine international journal articles, submitted five research projects to the Ministry of Science and Technology and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, signed contracts of university-industry liaisons with three technology firms, and applied for two invention patents. With such glorious accomplishments before the facility’s official opening, the future it holds is astonishing.

In the global market, where the competition is fierce, increasing the quality and reliability of industrial production is the driving force of national economic growth. Director Cher-Ming Tan states that most of the current assessment is often done only to show whether the product meets the standard, and cannot understand a product’s true strengths, weaknesses, and life cycles. If one can assess a product through the scientific nature of reliability engineering analysis, we can enable the product to be made at a reasonable cost while improving its worth and competence in the market. This is especially important due to the intimate relationship between consumers and products. For products such as cars and other electronic appliances, reliability engineering analysis is a form of insurance to both the consumers and manufacturers. By doing so, one can prevent incidents such as the infamous cell phone explosion caused by a famous company. Such an incident caused the production of a failed product down the path of a complete halt.

Director Tan further pointed out that although reliability is drawing more and more attention and emphasis, it is very difficult to find specialized reliability personnel due to the field’s complicated and multidisciplinary scientific nature. The Asian region has been lacking a complete educational program that has sufficient academic and research planning. Since Chang Gung University invested in the Center for Reliability Science and Technologies, it has already gained favor from National University of Singapore, and has made arrangements for students to come to Taiwan to pursue their academic endeavors.

On the opening day of the Center for Reliability Science and Technologies on February 17th, in addition to sharing the joy through festivity, we also demonstrated the professional laboratory and research expertise in hope to provide Taiwanese industry the most complete reliability- related service and research in order to improve the competitiveness of products in the global market.


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