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The College of Medicine of Chang Gung University Signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Pennsylvania State University


The College of Medicine of Chang Gung University Signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Pennsylvania State University

Department of Biomedical Sciences

The College of Medicine of Chang Gung University and the College of Science of Pennsylvania State University (PSU) signed a memorandum of cooperation on the morning of February 24, 2017. The first step in the cooperation will be the promotion of the student exchange program in summer. By sending at least six students from the Department of Medicine to PSU’s designated laboratories, overseen by distinguished professors from the College of Life Sciences, students will experience an all-English learning environment. This is an exceptional opportunity for students to improve their language skills, hone their professional skill set, and develop an international perspective.

The signing ceremony took place in the First Medical Science Building of Chang Gung University. Prof. Ming-Ling Kuo, dean of the Office of Research and Development, Prof. Kwang-Huei Lin, vice dean of the College of Medicine, Prof. Jin-Chung Chen, director of the Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences, and the faculties of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences stood as witnesses to the ceremony, Prof. Chih-Wei Yang, dean of College of Medicine, and Prof. Dah-Chuan Gong, director of the International Academic Exchange Center acted as representatives of Chang Gung University in the signing of the memorandum. PSU’s representatives included the Student Summer Exchange Program Coordinator Jamie Arnold and Prof. Craig Cameron. Both individuals partook in the interview of the student selection for this year’s Summer Exchange Program, which is an evidence indicating the importance of this program to PSU.

The memorandum was conjured by Associate Prof. Robert Y.-L. Wang, and the two representatives of PSU, Craig Cameron and Jamie Arnold. In 2016, the first arrangement was made and three Chang Gung biomedical science students were dispatched to PSU’s designated laboratory. The three students completed their research projects and presented the results through visual aids and oral presentation in the course of six weeks. Only after thorough review of their performance could the students obtain two course credits. The whole process was not easy.

Po-Wen Hsu, a student who participated in the exchange program last year, described his experience in PSU as one that was unforgettable. It was his first time doing his research in an American laboratory. At first, he expressed his concern about learning in an all-English environment. But after only a month, his language skills began to improve. With his newly acquired English skills, he successfully conveyed his final project in the form of oral presentation. Furthermore, he observed the difference between the two different cultures of learning. In America, an individual needs to rely on self-motivated studies in order to succeed. He had to work in the laboratory Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM. He could only alleviate his stress during holidays. Students who wish to pursue the exchange program need to be mentally prepared for the hardship that follows.

Associate Prof. Robert Y.-L. Wang states that PSU is a research-intensive university located in the state of Pennsylvania, and is ranked at the 8th place among all public universities in the United States. It is often nicknamed as “the public Ivy League university”. In the newest QS World University Ranking, PSU is ranked 95th. In the ARWU world ranking, PSU is ranked 17th. The school has achieved remarkably and exceptionally in both education and research. The first three exchange students left such a positive impression on the local teachers and students that they were mentioned in an article published by one of PSU’s magazines. The article revealed to PSU students the existence of the Summer Exchange Program and strongly encouraged students to participate and complete their research overseas at CGU. As expected, the two universities decided to sign the memorandum of cooperation to officially commence the long-term cooperation. The cooperation will act as foundation for future cooperation and academic exchange for those who wish to pursue the program.


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