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The 30th Chang Gung University Sports Fest

The 30th Chang Gung University Sports Fest

The Office of Student Affairs

To celebrate the university’s 30th anniversary, this year’s sports fest includes a creative talent show, a campus run, tug-of-war, relay races, and international food carnival. Not only did the faculty members and students enjoy the occasion, but we also invited our alumni to return to campus to celebrate with us.

The sports fest kicked off with a creative talent show. With eighteen teams from various academic departments and one team of international students, the grand total of 19 teams brought an extravagant and unique entertainment to celebrate the university’s birthday. In the end, students from the Mechanical Engineering Department dazzled the audience and showed everyone why they won the talent show. In addition, the foreign student team, the Department of Industrial and Business Management team, the Department of Electrical Engineering team, and the Department of Industrial Design team won the “Most Popular” award, the “Most Creative” award, the “Best Costume” award, and the “Best Visual Effect” award, respectively.

When the opening speech was given at the beginning of the ceremony, the President of Chang Gung University reminded everyone to appreciate the elements and processes that are part of university’s history. He also gave thanks to the founder Mr. Wang Yung-Ching for funding and establishing the university thirty years ago. His contribution has served as the foundation of Chang Gung University, and his enterprise has been providing various kinds of resources which members of the university are encouraged to utilize. These resources are available in hope to bring Chang Gung University to achieve new heights.

Chen Yi-Chou, a 4th year medical student, represented all the athletes to recite an oath. He won the Men’s National Badminton Championship, and scored the 2nd place in doubles in 2015. The first event was the pompous tug-of-war competition refereed by Vice President Prof. Jan-Kan Chen. The intensity of the event roamed through the atmosphere as it was filled with roaring cheers. After a fierce battle, the team of the Electronic Engineering Department took the crown for the male division, while the team consisting of the Department of Physical Therapy and the Department of Occupational Therapy took the gold for the female division. Following the tug-of-war event was the traditional student-faculty campus run. The number of participants set a new record at an incredible count of approximately twenty-five hundred. Besides self-testing one’s physical limit, it was also a great chance to display one’s fighting spirit.

Besides the sport competitions, there was a separate campus carnival planned this year and participated by students, student clubs, and foreign exchange students. Not only did the carnival feature famous Taiwanese street eats, it also featured delicacies from India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia, along with many DIY projects for students and faculty members to experience. On the stage, the Office of Student Affairs and the Guitar Club coordinated a musical event – a singing competition. The carnival attracted many people to enjoy both good food and good ambiance.

The afternoon kicked off with the relay races. All attention was laser-focused on the faculty vs student relay race. At the sound of the gun, the crowds cheered showing zealous boost of support as the participants dashed forward with all their might. With honor and teamwork on the line, the competition could not be fiercer. In the end, the administrative and academic staff team, and students of the Department of Chemical Materials and the Department of Biomedical Sciences took the crowns for male and female divisions respectively. The most memorable moment took place in the male student relay race, when participants of the Department of Chemical Materials won the gold once more invincibly. This year in the races, one team and 12 athletes, including the male 400 meters relay race, 5 male and 3 female students in the campus run, and 2 male and 2 female staff members, also set new records.

In the end, seventeen Vietnamese students brought forth two traditional dance performances. Utilizing straw hats to form the number “30” in celebration of the university’s 30th anniversary, their dance punched the perfect period to mark the end of the fest. In a sea of roaring cheers during the awarding ceremony, the Medical School team achieved the 1st place in overall sport competitions, while the College of Engineering team achieved the 1st place in sportsmanship.


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