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The 2017 CGU Graduation Ceremony

The 2017 CGU Graduation Ceremony

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The 2017 CGU graduation ceremony was held on the afternoon of the 11th of June in the Students’ Activity Center. The university arranged for the faculties from various departments to walk with the graduating students around the campus to reminisce about the days of studying and living in CGU. The group was sandwiched by hundreds of students, and they were accompanied by passionate cheers as they entered the ceremony. Along the way, faculties and students bid farewell to the graduates, giving them the best wishes for their future. With these warm wishes, the graduates are now ready to spread their wings and fly towards their bright future.

This year, there were a grand total of one thousand six hundred and eighty-four graduating students, including 56 receiving doctorate, 564 receiving master’s degree, and 1,064 receiving bachelor degree. The ceremony began at two in the afternoon and was hosted by CGU President Prof. Chia-Chu Pao. Honorary guests included Dr. Ming-Teh Wang, vice mayor of Taoyuan City, Prof. Ding-Yi Yang, chairperson of the board of directors, director Che Chen, Mr. Zhen-Qing Huang, senior vice general manager of the Group Administration of the Formosa Plastics Group, Mr. Ming-Long Huang, president of the Chang Gung University Alumni Association, and many others. The university also kindly arranged the livestream of the graduation ceremony for those that could not attend in person, viewable on several mobile devices and computers at home.

In his speech at graduation, CGU President Prof. Chia-Chu Pao stated that he hoped students can be “appreciative” in their heart: to be thankful to their parents, to the founder of CGU, to Prof. Ding-Yi Yang, chairperson of the board of directors. Such appreciation is necessary in order to pursue education in an excellent environment which CGU provides. At the same time, he also gave his blessings to everyone. To experience life is a beautiful thing. Our natural tendency is to be happy. Therefore, one must strive to live a fulfilling life that brings forth one’s inner potential.

Prof. Ding-Yi Yang, chairperson of the board of directors, took a different approach in his speech. He reminded the students that once they enter the workforce, there will be trials on a daily basis. Trials can come from intrapersonal interactions, making new friends, or even with family members. If one is to face such challenges without mental preparation, even the smallest problem can snowball into a big one. Therefore, he hoped that students could establish their own perspectives with positive attitudes during their time at the university. In reality, happiness can easily be achieved. Such a quality is not related to one's skills or professions. He further emphasized that students have to constantly remind themselves that no matter what the hardship is, they can still find confidence to overcome the trial. And he added that he hoped to see the graduating students return to visit the university often.

This year’s graduation ceremony granted five outstanding alumni awards, in addition to academic honors, volunteer services, and physical education awards. Five outstanding alumni were selected to receive this recognition. They are as follow: Dr. Jun-Liang Lin and Dr. Xiang-Fu Huang of the Institute of Clinical Medicine, Mr. Rong-Hao Liang of the Department of Information Technology, Mr. Er-Wen Huang of the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, and Mr. Yi-Lang Tseng of the MBA program of the Department of Business Administration. These five aforementioned alumni made outstanding achievements in their respective fields, which qualified them as the recipients of the award.

In order to leave lasting memories for the departing students, the faculty members attended to the ceremony preparation matters. Moreover, the Graduation Committee prepared a series of activities, including the selection of the graduation song. The selected song was a song composed by students themselves, titled “Before Graduation”. Not only did students write the lyrics and compose the melody, they also filmed a music video to go along with the piece of work. This song conveyed their feelings before graduation, and became the hottest hit single on campus.

Something worth mentioning is a deed by Mr. Ming-Hong He, student of the Department of Electrical Engineering. He filmed the entire campus with a flying drone, and compiled the footage into a film titled “Views of Chang Gang University”. He gifted it to the university as a token of appreciation. Once the film was made public online, it reached over twenty thousand views overnight. Both faculty members and alumni aided in its popularity through social media sharing. Both students and faculties were deeply moved by this film. The copyright of this film was given by Mr. Ming-Hong He to the university before his graduation. The film brought the ceremony to a climax, giving the attendees a whole new perspective of the university. Please visit CGU’s Facebook page to view this film. https://www.facebook.com/cgu.edu.tw/


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