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CGU hosted the 2017 Summer Universiade Football Event with Great Success


CGU hosted the 2017 Summer Universiade Football Event with Great Success

Office of Physical Education

         The most important international sport event in this summer – the 2017 Summer Universiade, was held from August 19 to August 30 in Taipei City and five other cities and counties. Chang Gung University was honoured to participate and co-organize the 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade football event. The football stadium re-construction work was started on September 1 last year, and it took a whole year until the end of August this year to complete. Thanks to the support and tolerance of students and faculties, the construction work was completed successfully, and the tournament was held smoothly.

         During the preparation for the event, Zhang Wenhong, dean of the Office of General Affairs, served as General Manager of the football competition stadium committee. He led and co-ordinated the staff and resources of the Office of General Affairs, the Extracurricular Activities Section of the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Physical Education, as well as several sections of the 2017 Summer Universiade stadium committee, including Secretaries, Information, Security, Marketing Media, Health Care, Administrative, Competition and others. With the support and preparation of colleagues, the Chang Gung University Stadium conducted the football practice from August 15 for three days. Then, the 2017 Summer Universiade football event was officially kicked off by the British Women's Football team versus South Africa Women’s Football team at 11:00 am on August 18, which was the first game to start the football event.

         All the players gave their full strength and unleashed their potentials, even under hot weather conditions throughout the event. The high-spirited audiences also gave all their support towards the players, making each game a superb experience ever!

         During the 12 consecutive days of the football event, the university has welcomed more than 10,000 people including football teams from all over the world, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, South Africa, Brazil, South Korea and Japan, together with guests, coaches, audiences, etc. Also, CGU received numerous compliments about the football stadium from visitors. They took many pictures, as they exclaimed the stadium could overlook the Taipei 101 building.

         CGU owns a new FIFA-certified international football stadium after the 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade event ended. Furthermore, those student volunteers who provided their service during the tournament gained the experience of learning and understanding cultures from other countries. They also had opportunities to interact with foreign students, thereby expanding and enhancing their global perspectives. In addition to the valuable practical experience, this event has also left good memories in their college life.

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