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Award for the 106th Academic Year Biomedical Journal Highly Cited Researchers by SCI-Indexed Journals


Award for the 106th Academic Year Biomedical Journal Highly Cited Researchers by SCI-Indexed Journals


Biomedical Journal Editorial Board


Biomedical Journal (formerly known as Chang Gung Medicine Journal) was established in 1977. Over the years, the journal continued inviting foreign scholars to serve as editors and expanding invitations to well-known domestic and foreign scholars to submit manuscripts in emerging and hot research fields, with a view to boosting citation rates as well as improving the quality of the journal. Therefore in 2017, the journal has been successfully included in the category of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology in the Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE) database. It is expected that we will have an impact factor (IF) this year for the first time in this prestigious journal database and shine in the international arena. This honour can be attributed to the efforts of the journal editorial board.  Moreover, being indexed in the SCIE also highlighted the strength of the university's academic research.


In order to encourage faculties of Chang Gung University and doctors and scholars of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital to publish articles of the highest calibre, the Biomedical Journal Editorial Board holds the Biomedical Journal Award for Highly Cited Researchers by SCI-Indexed Journals annually in order to reward authors for their excellent work. In 2017, there were 14 applicants for the award. Among them, one article authored by Prof. Hsin-Chih Lai was cited by SCI-indexed journals as many as ten times in 2016. As one can see, the articles of Biomedical Journal have gradually gained recognition.


A Biomedical Journal Editorial Board meeting was held on the 30th of March, 2018. In the meeting, the topic of future development and growth of the journal after being included in the SCIE was passionately discussed by the editors-in-chief and the board members. At the same time, the authors whose papers were most cited by SCI-index journals were awarded. This year, the top award recipients are as follows: Prof. Hsin-Chih Lai, Dr. David Ojcius (guest professor of Chang Gung University), and three authors who tied for the third place, including Prof. Ching-jen Wang (honorary superintendent of the Kaohsiung Branch of the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital), Associate Prof. Robert Y.-L. Wang, and Dr. Tiao-Lai Huang (doctor of the Psychiatric Department of the Kaohsiung Branch of the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital). They were awarded by Prof. Jan-Kan Chen, vice president of Chang Gung University, and Prof. Fu-Chan Wei. Some of the award recipients’ articles have been cited by prestigious journals with impact factors over 9. It is our hope to see Biomedical Journal keeps gaining international exposure as well as global recognition, and ultimately its citation rate can continue growing year by year.


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