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The 2018 Welcome Party for International Students and Exchange Students


The 2018 Welcome Party for International Students and Exchange Students

Center for International Academic Cooperation

On April 25, 2018 (Wednesday), the Center for International Academic Cooperation held a welcome party for international students and exchange students. The vice president, deans of three colleges, faculty members and senior students cordially welcomed 10 new international students from Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Vietnam, and Gambia to join us. The number of international degree students in the 2017 academic year from 26 countries has reached 176, accounting for 2.5% of the total number of students in CGU.

In this welcome party, Prof. Jan-Kan Chen, vice president of CGU, and Prof. Dah-Chuan Gong director of the Center for International Academic Cooperation represented the university to welcome the new students. In addition, senior students were also invited to join the party. They passed on their experience to the new students as well as assisted them to interact and integrate into the campus's life.

In order to create a multicultural environment on campus and promote cultural exchanges between Taiwanese students and international students, the "Red Table Area" planned by the Center for International Academic Cooperation was also officially opened on the same day. Located on 7th floor of the Building of Management, the "Red Table Area" was designed by Assistant Prof. Tyan-Yu Wu of the Department of Industrial Design. With the colour red as the main theme, it oozes an atmosphere of energy, enthusiasm, culture and integration. The area provides an attractive space for international students. This is a space for reading and discussion of coursework. Students could use this area to study and add more fun to their life. Furthermore, it also promotes the diversity of cultures through exchanges and interaction with local students.

In addition to providing an opportunity for participants to sample delicacies, over 30 students from Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Uganda, Gambia and Burkina Faso were invited to experience calligraphy. This activity enhanced students' mutual understanding through the appreciation of cultural differences. It is hoped that it could enrich their student life as well as help promote a multicultural campus.

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