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Sharing Service; Spreading Love


Sharing Service; Spreading Love


The 2013 wrap-up presentation of the summer service teams took place on the 18th of October in the Performance Hall of the CGU Activity Center. A number of clubs, societies, and associations from Chang Gung University of Science and Technology and Chinese Culture University were invited to share their experiences. The clubs, societies, and associations included the Student Association of the Department of Physical Therapy of Chang Gung University, the CGU Chong De Young Club, the CGU Dandelion Working Team, the CGU Lokada Health Care Service Team for mountainous tribes, and the CGU Sunshine Club, along with 7 service teams. Approximately 120 students and faculty members participated in this event. Using a style similar to that of Café du Monde, students exchanged their views, learned more about various types of service and learning activities, and shared their experiences of how to face obstacles and find solutions to them. This activity gave participants an opportunity to broaden their horizons. Furthermore, it also helped students identify themselves with their universities, clubs, societies, and associations. Most importantly, it encouraged students to serve and help those in need. The educational value of loving others by eliminating their afflictions was passed on to the students through this activity.


The information and activities provided by the clubs, societies, and associations from Chang Gung University during the summer vacation were rich and various. For instance, the Student Association of the Department of Physical Therapy designed games for children suffering from cerebral palsy to acquire new medical knowledge, as well as played fitness games with the children to promote interactions with others. The CGU Chong De Young Club designed interesting games to promote respect for the elders, benevolence, and Confucianism. The CGU Dandelion Working Team, comprising of 3 groups, provided support for diabetic children and primary school children in Hualien, designed courses for children to appreciate team work, and inspired students’ creativity through group activities. The CGU Lokada Health Care Service Team provided services for mountainous tribes in Fu-Hsing Village of Taoyuan County. While visiting mountainous families and drafting service maps to gain an in-depth understanding of their needs, the medical students put their professional knowledge into the service they provided to enhance the health care quality of the remote region.


The CGU service teams offer a rich and various service to those in need. It is expected that students can appreciate the value of “establishing oneself and helping others in establishment; achieving goals and helping others in achievement” through the exchange of their social service experiences and the devotion to humanitarian care.

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