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Germany MAYBEBOP Acapella Music Feast

Germany MAYBEBOP Acapella Music Feast

October 17, 2016 – It is a great honor to invite the Germany MAYBEBOP Acapella (hereinafter MAYBEBOP) to pay a visit to Chang Gung University (CGU). Their performance at the International Conference Hall brought a wonderful music feast to the audience of about 800 students and faculties. This is also the first performance by MAYBEBOP in their tour to universities in Taiwan.

Consisting of four singers, MAYBEBOP has accumulated a total of audience of more than 100,000 people for their concert tour and showcased in more than 200 television shows. The audience was fascinated by their vocals. In addition to their stunning performances, the performance repertoire has blended in various genres and languages into their songs, from German, English to Mandarin, from rock, hip-hop and jazz, and their precise presentation of diverse styles was well received by the audience. The quartet also tried to twist the audience’s original impression of Acapella music by spicing up the beautiful songs with hilarious gestures and humorous plots, thus opening a new horizon for the modern pop art.

MAYBEBOP performed numerous songs by Escape Plan Band, Soda Green, “Dancing Queen” and other classic songs, and have fun with the audience in the second half of their performances. The audience was divided into three groups with each assigned with a simple vocal, and they guided the audience with gestures to join the show. MAYBEBOP has redefined and enriched the connotation of "performance", not only making the audience enjoy the performance but also making them act as temporary performers to perform together.

At the end of the performance, the sound control technician asked the staff whether they understand the performance of Chinese songs tonight. As the response went "100%, Excellent!", he could not wait to share with the audience that singers had encountered difficulties and challenges during the quartet practice of those two songs. Judging from his exaggerated response, it was easy to see that singers had pour in a lot of hard work for the multi-element performance. Hopefully, MAYBEBOP will bring more new entertainment experiences to the audience with their unique stage performance in each tour in the future.


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