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Chang Gung University Hosted Biomaterials International 2016

Chang Gung University Hosted Biomaterials International 2016

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Shih-Jung Liu

With the advancement of science and technology, development and design of biomaterials, the improvement and application of biomaterial modification technology are not only affecting our daily life but also gradually getting limelight in the medicine field. In order to promote international academic exchange, the Department of Mechanical Engineering organised and hosted the conference Biomaterials International 2016 from October 30th to November 3rd at Howard Beach Resort Kenting. Several internationally renowned scholars were invited to deliver keynote speeches to the conference, including Prof. T.K. Bronich, editor of Nanomedicine: NBM (IF = 6.155), Professor G. Chen, associate editor of Journal of Materials Chemistry (IF = 4.726), Professor I.C. Kwon, Asian region editor of Journal of Controlled Release (IF = 7.705), and Prof. Xuansheng Li, head of Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital.

This conference covered issues of traditional biomaterial fields, including biodegradable materials and devices, metallic biomaterials, ceramic biomaterials, smart materials, synthesis and fabrication of biomaterials and devices, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, interactions of biomaterials and cells, nanoscale biomaterials, delivery of drug, gene, vaccine, and active biomolecules, functionalization and bioactivity, biomaterials and cancer.  In addition, it also encompassed fields of medicine application, including dental materials, orthopedic biomaterials, stents and cardiovascular applications, and ophthalmic biomaterials.  A total of 16 relevant fields were covered in the conference for discussion and exchange of research findings.

Approximately 150 scholars, 60 of whom were from foreign countries, attended this conference.  More than 110 papers were submitted from 13 countries and regions, including the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Israel, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan. It was a successful international conference as the scholars from various countries published numerous latest studies on biomedical materials, which ignited interest, generated fruitful discussions and exchange of opinions among participants. Particular appreciation was given to Chang Gung University for the utmost support and assistance, as well as the assistance of the senior researchers from Biomaterials and Biomedical Sciences departments, which made the conference a great success. In addition to carrying out academic research and sharing experience with both domestic and international well-known experts and scholars, Chang Gung University also unleashed its strength in the research and applications in the biomaterials field.  Therefore, international experts could have the opportunity to understand our efforts in this field.

Following the success of this conference, Chang Gung University will continue to promote academic internationalisation.  One of our future plans is to collaborate with Kyushu University to co-organise the Biomaterials International 2017 at the Fukuoka International Conference Centre in Japan, which is expected to further enhance our school visibility in the international platform on biomaterials as well as to promote international academic exchange.


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