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The 31st Chang Gung University Sports Fest

The 31st Chang Gung University Sports Fest

The Office of Student Affairs

          To celebrate the university’s 31st anniversary, this year’s sports fest was held on the 4th of November.  It was a cold and wet morning with drizzle, yet all the participants were energetic and glowed with strong determination to win victories. After the welcoming speech delivered by our President, Prof. Chia-Chu Pao, Ms. Xiao-Qing Lai (third-year medical student and double gold medalist of women’s 50m backstroke and women’s 100m backstroke swimming in the 2017 National Intercollegiate Athletic Games) was bestowed the honour to take the official oath before the event kicked off. The first event that took place was the exciting tug-of-war race. The crowd cheered with all their might to provide their moral support. In the end, the Department of Electronic Engineering won the championship in the male category while the Department of Chemical and Material Engineering won the female category. The event that followed was the creative cheerleading competition. There were altogether 16 freshmen teams from 18 different departments that participated in this year’s competition. The young and energetic cheerleaders exhibited their robust team spirit as they danced in a neat and ever-changing choreography. The Department of Healthcare Management beat the rest of their ferocious competitors and became the champion.

          Apart from the highly competitive sporting events, international cultural activities were also conducted in conjunction with the sports fest. International students and their respective societies participated actively in these activities. Exotic delicacies from various countries were prepared in order to satisfy the taste buds of everyone. The booths on-site served Indian chicken rolls, Indian rice pudding, Indonesian and Vietnamese delicacies, Italian coffee, Taiwanese snacks, etc. Besides, Family Fun booth, Magic Night, sports games and other games were available for the children to indulge in. All of the teachers and students enjoyed themselves with the Asian atmosphere and managed to have a glance at the diversity of Asian culture through these activities.

          Track and field competitions started in the afternoon, with the teaching faculties, administrative staff and students’ relay race being the final event that marked the climax of the day. The athletes pushed themselves beyond their physical limits and demonstrated excellent team spirit in order to win the competition. The Basic Medical Science Team, the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering Team and the Department of Biomedical Science Team won the teaching faculties’ category, male students’ category and female students’ category respectively. The Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering is the three-time consecutive winner in the male students’ relay race category. Two records were broken this year, which were the men’s 200-metre sprint by our international student Siaka Fadera and the women’s 800-metre sprint by Jun-Fang Wang from the Department of Respiratory Care. The School of Medicine won the overall championship of this year’s sports fest while the College of Medicine was bestowed the Sportsmanship Award, marking the perfect closure of this year’s sports fest.

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