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The 4th International Conference on Health Care and Management

The 4th International Conference on Health Care and Management


Department of Industrial and Business Management


     The 4th International Conference on Health Care and Management (ICHM 2018) was held on September 18-21, 2018 at the Shengeng Lecture Hall in the Management Building of Chang Gung University. The international conference was hosted by the College of Management of Chang Gung University. The conference chairman is Prof. Sy-Ming Guu, and the co-chairman is Prof. Dah-Chuan Gong, dean of the College of Management. The theme for this year’s conference is "Innovations in Technology - The Future of Healthcare", covering issues such as long-term healthcare, public health, big data analytics & management and other relevant issues. We also invited domestic and foreign experts and scholars to discuss and analyse how to apply innovative thinking and technology to healthcare-related fields.

         The conference started with the opening speech by Prof. Sy-Ming Guu, followed by the sharing of Prof. Diana T.F. Lee from Nethersole School of Nursing, the Chinese University of Hong Kong on healthcare and chronic illness care for the elderly. Her presentation topic was “Improving the Nursing Transition Period through Technology Innovations”. After the session with Prof. Diana T.F. Lee, we had Prof. Naira Campbell-Kyureghyan, professor and chair of the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA to share her insight on the “The Impact of the Technological Revolution on Future Medical Management and Education”. Prof. Naira Campbell-Kyureghyan works closely with the industry, mainly researching on human factors engineering, including ergonomics like bone and joint, as well as 3D printing technology for medical applications. Last but not least, we invited Dr. Arundhati Char, who serves for the U-Respect Foundation in India to share the topic “Using Innovative Model to Improve Quality of Life in Rural Area”. Dr. Char has been dedicating her efforts in the health field to develop a health model that combines health and sanitation to ensure women’s safety and reduce the spread of contagious diseases.

         On the third day of the conference, eight forums were conducted respectively on the topics of long-term healthcare, business administration and operations, information and design of ancillary equipment, health impact and public health, market strategy, medical decision-making and health care quality, entrepreneurship and innovation management, disease screening, etc. Experts and scholars from various fields presented their new research ideas, models, techniques and results. The subjects were discussed in great depth, and cross-field exchanges were developed.  Meanwhile, the presenters echoed the cross-disciplinary research between medical care and information technology in the hospital, which may shape the future development of the College of Management.

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