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The 107th academic year graduation ceremony of Chang Gung University Graduates are filled with blessings and begin their new chapter of life

The 107th academic year graduation ceremony of Chang Gung University Graduates are filled with blessings and begin their new chapter of life


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On the afternoon of the 1st of June, Chang Gung University held the 107th academic year graduation ceremony at the Student Activity Center. Before entering the center, CGU president Prof. Chia-Chu Pao and the teachers led the graduates to walk around the campus to reminisce about the days of studying and living in CGU. Hundreds of juniors gathered and shared the joy. Since the School of Medicine changed its academic system in the 102nd academic year, the number of years of study has been reduced from 7 years to 6 years. Therefore, two batches of graduates of the medical school, a total of 206 graduates, have stepped out of the school at the same time unprecedentedly and begun their new journey.

This year, Chang Gung University has a total of 1,708 graduates (65 doctoral students, 479 master’s students and 1,164 bachelor’s students). After entering the ceremony, the graduates listened to the teachers’ final lectures, had the tassels turned, and accepted blessings. School mates encouraged each other and welcomed a new chapter of life with joy and gratitude.

The ceremony began on time at 2pm and was chaired by CGU President Prof. Chia-Chu Pao, Chairman of the Board of Directors Wen-Yuan Wang, General Manager of General Administrative Department Shan-Zhi Lin, Board Member Chen Che, Board Member Gui-Yun Wang, Board Member Zhen-Qing Huang, Board Member Zheng-Da Yang, Board Member Cheng-Neng Zhang, Board Member Wen-Hua Gong, Chairman of the Alumni Association Ming-Long Huang and Vice President of the National Sports University Prof. Guo-Yi Chen also attended the ceremony.

CGU President Prof. Chia-Chu Pao first congratulated the graduates on completing their studies and asked them to be grateful to their parents. They must also appreciate the two founders and Chairman of the Board of Directors Wen-Yuan Wang for their concept of contributing to society. Since the founding of the school, with their constant dedication, support and leadership, students now can enjoy good-quality education at Chang Gung University. He also wished all graduates a brilliant future.  He hoped that all graduates were able to face the challenges, discovered their full potential, and embraced their dreams after entering different fields of work in the future.  He’s confident that they’d make great achievements and contribute to society.

When Chairman of the Board of Directors Wen-Yuan Wang delivered a speech, he first shared the process of how Taiwan gradually created a glorious economy from a poor agricultural society.  He encouraged the graduates by telling them that after they start working, for a better future of Taiwan, they must analyze things calmly and in depth. He said, “Do not go with the flow without knowing the facts”. In addition, Chairman Wang also encouraged graduates to be proud of Chang Gung University and to perform well in society, so that the juniors can see and view them as their role model. He further mentioned that nowadays we are entering into the era of artificial intelligence. Therefore, the school will continue to strengthen the education in the high-tech field, so as to meet the needs of the contemporary society, improve the competency of the students, and cultivate talents for the industrial development of Taiwan.

In this year's ceremony, five outstanding alumni who were recently selected attended the ceremony for commendation, including Dr. Ying-Kai Zhao, Ph.D. of the Institute of Clinical Medicine, Jia-Rong Yu, a graduate of the Department of Medical Biotechnology and Laboratory Science, Dr. Shi-Xuan Zhou, Ph.D. of the Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Sheng-Yuan Shi, a graduate of the Department of Industrial and Business Administration, and Zi-Xuan Jiang, a graduate of the master’s program of the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering. Five outstanding alumni have performed brilliantly in their respective fields, and they received warm applause from the students. In addition, in the ceremony, awards were also presented to students who achieve academic excellence, excellent sports and excellent volunteer service. The winners walked onto the stage in order to receive the honors. Among them, Yi-Jun Lu, a graduate of the School of Nursing, actively participated in the clubs and activities on campus and off campus. His accumulated service hours during the four years of study reached 1,087 hours.  Hence, he certainly deserved the volunteer service award.

When Mr. Yao-Qin Hong, the representative of the graduates’ parents, gave a lively and humorous speech, he thanked the school and encouraged the students. His humorous speech met with loud applause. The graduation ceremony ended successfully with the chorus "Grateful Heart", which symbolized the graduates’ gratitude to their teachers and parents.

In order to give the graduates an unforgettable memory, the teachers and the juniors in the school carefully prepared the ceremony, and the colleges and departments also organized a farewell tea party to bless the graduates. The warm and grand ambience left the graduates and parents with an unforgettable memory. In the end, they said goodbye to each other merrily.

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